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Project Description

DBPro Bridge is an emerging open source Visual Studio add-in that enables access to the Database Professional project for developers without a DB Professional license. DBPro Bridge facilitates better collaboration between a DBA, who is using Team System Edition for DBPro, and developers without a Team System for DBPro license that need to edit and create new files in sync with the DBA.

DBPro Bridge enables the developer to create a "mirror" of an existing DB Professional project file and make it available via source control. Visual Studio developer’s project files are kept in sync with the DBA’s version and vice versa, making it a free alternative to Team System Edition for DBPro.

Getting Started: Click here for User Manual

DBPro Bridge aims to:

  • Enable access to the Database Professional project for a regular developer without a DB Professional license. (This doesn't include any extra features that DB Pro is providing, but grants access to the files for Visual Studio developers.)
  • Enable editing of a DBPro project file with the editor of your choice. There is a limitation in Visual Studio how you can open and pass parameters to the non-built in editor.
  • Synchronise DBA and Visual Studio developer edits. As a developer creates, updates or deletes files from the mirror of the dbproj file, DBPro Bridge will synchronise changes with a DBA's dbproj file. This also occurs for changes made by a DBA, which can be synchronized to the project "mirror" (i.e. .csproj file) project.
  • As amount of files in the db project may become particularly large, in order to mitigate conflicts, DBPro Bridge enables getting the latest of only dbproj or the "mirror" project. Currently, Visual Studio does not enable simple non-recursive "get latest" on the project file only. (This is subject to review pending the release of VS2008.)

Technical Requirements:

In order to run DBPro Bridge you need to have a Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio 2005.

Contributing to DBPro Bridge:

Feel free to contribute by:
  • Blogging about DBPro Bridge
  • Ask and answer questions on the discussion forum
  • Submit issues or feature suggestions
  • Fix bugs or check in new features


DBPro Bridge was developed by Stan Dvoychenko, .Net architect at DeCare Systems Ireland, while working on a Insurance Claims application for a large US insurer. DBPro Bridge is currently is use by team members within this project.

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